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Parish of Templepatrick & Donegore
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Parish Development Plan (PDP)
The Parish of Templepatrick & Donegore
Wants to be
 A vibrant and welcoming church family relevant to everyone
 Being people who engage with the community in real, meaningful and Christ like ways
PDP Members
Steve Britton-Hall  
Wendy Brolly    
Anne Cinnamon     
Karl Egli
Kathy Gordon
Ann Kerr
Christopher   Lundy
Denise Martin
Stephen McCollam      
Gail McCoy
Elizabeth Smyth
Rev JeremyMould
Our aims (3-5 years)
  • To re-imagine our worship
  • Expand our youth and children’s ministry
  • To further develop our community engagement program
  • To grow new disciples and leaders
  • To re-focus our finances
  • To make our buildings fit for purpose
Aim: To re-imagine our worship
  • Further develop our All age worship service and encourage greater participation from families (e.g readers, pray etc)
  • In conjunction with our existing music ministry seek to develop contemporary music including a new music group
  • Introduce a new Sunday evening service which would include; praise and interactive discussion
  • Establish a service pattern in both worship centres and ensure this is communicated throughout the parish

  Team leader: Jeremy
  Team member(s): Kathy, Elizabeth, Ann K & Chris
Aim: Expand our youth and children’s ministry
  •  Explore a “mums & tots” (type) group
  • Develop link with schools
  • Introduce a “buddy” scheme around confirmation
  • Develop a Thursday evening event e.g. Messy church
  • Seek to employ a “specialist” staff member (full or part time)
  • Engage with the diocesan children’s officer, youth officer and attend diocesan events / training
  • Connect with work of Organisations
Team leader: Jeremy
Team member(s):  Anne C & Gail
Aim:  To further expand our community engagement  program
  • Raise parish profile throughout the area and develop a communication strategy
  • Carry out a parish / community needs survey
  • Develop a community engagement program based on survey results
  • Develop use of halls including establishing social / community events
  • Develop a welcome / parish information pack

Team leader: Denise
Team member(s): Wendy, Karl & Stephen
Aim: To Grow new leaders / disciples
  • Introduce a discipleship course
  • Establish an “Alpha” type course
  • Develop prayer ministry / team
  • Develop a pastoral support team

Team leader: Jeremy
Team member(s):  
It was agreed to devolve the following aims/objectives to Select Vestry
Aim:      To re-focus our finances
Aim:      To ensure our buildings are fit for purpose

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